As a certifying body, PQA does not provide consulting – that is, we are not allowed to create your Quality, Environmental, or Safety Management System or manage it for you. That would be a breach of impartiality, since we’d then be auditing our own work. Your system is most effective and best maintained by personnel working inside the organization, in order to have the closest understanding and monitoring of your day to day operations.

PQA does provide training – to explain and illustrate the principles of ISO standards -- whether or not you are certified by PQA. Our company slogan, “Making ISO Make Sense” comes from our 30 years of training hundreds of audiences of students. All trainings are filled with practical examples and activities to involve students so that they leave truly understanding the concepts.

Consider training within your company to:

  1. Qualify internal auditors for their work. Benefit: increased effectiveness in monitoring and maintaining the system and its improvement, on a day to day basis.
  2. Provide top-management orientation, creating a deeper understanding of the purposes and benefits of ISO requirements. Benefit: encourages alignment with strategic goals and follow-through in the whole organization, rather than having a stand-alone department tasked with imposing requirements that staff don’t understand.
  3. Promote team leader understanding of how the company’s Management System applies throughout the company. Benefit: bring your system in-house instead of paying ongoing consulting fees.
  4. Prepare for a new standard, or facilitate other business change. Benefit: increased speed and effectiveness of change.
  5. Integrated system training – Map and coordinate the way your different processes interact. Benefit: greater system efficiencies.
  6. Core Concepts: provide onsite and webinar training for key concepts like risk management, root cause analysis, ISO orientation for beginners, etc. Benefit: fill in the knowledge gaps to make your team more cohesive.

PQA can provide training to all the standards to which we certify an organization:

  • ISO 9001 – Quality Management (read our blog article on why a formal QMS is important and how it might look in your company. Or go to for more information).
  • ISO 13485 – Quality Management for Medical Devices.
  • ISO 14001 – Environmental management (read our blog article on why a formal EMS is important and how it might look in your company. Or go to for more information).
  • OSHAS 18001/ISO 45001 – Employee health & safety, modeled after OSHA and other international health & safety regulations.

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